What we do

EIPL designs and develops advanced BSS/OSS technologies that enable digital commerce solutions. We are not an outsourcer or job shop, but are the design and development center of the Ensim platform and related technologies empowering millions of users of cloud services around the world.

Some of the technologies we work with are:

  • Framework - Java, Grails, Spring Source, Hibernate, .NET, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, AzureSQL, REST/JSON, SOAP/XML WebServices, CSS, SAML, OpenID, OAuth, Jasper Reports.
  • Connectors - Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype for Business, Broadworks VoIP, Symantec, Google Apps, and more.
  • Infrastructure as a Service - VMWare vCenter, Microsoft System Center, OpenStack, VPS, VDC, vAppliances, Orchestration.
  • Automation, Security, Load testing - Selenium, Jenkins, jMeter, Melody, Testopia, Bugzilla, ZenDesk, Adobe, and more.