Ensim Announces Ensim Pro X a Major Release for both Linux & Windows

Ensim Announces Ensim Pro X a Major Release for both Linux & Windows

Simultaneous Release for Three Operating Systems and Over 50 new Features Further Establishes Ensim Pro as the Dominant Control Panel

Sunnyvale, California — May 22, 2006 – Ensim, the leading supplier of service enablement and automation software for hosted IP and application services, today announced that Ensim Pro X – a major upgrade to the premier server management and automation control panel - will be released in mid-June, 2006. Ensim Pro X includes more than fifty new features and represents the first simultaneous release of a control panel for three Operating Systems - Windows 2003, Fedora Core IV and CentOS 4.3 - in the industry.

By offering a control panel for each operating system, Ensim enables service providers to overcome the challenges associated with upgrading Web pages, bundles and service offerings each time a new version is released. Instead, service providers have the ability to upgrade the control panel one time across all three major operating systems.

In addition, Pro X delivers new functionality for each web hosting component and for all administrator levels, enabling enhanced usability, security and customization. Pro X also features a powerful Universal License Manager for both Windows and Linux, allowing hosters to manage hundreds of servers with a single master license key.

Pro X for Linux boasts a re-engineered interface that enables complete customization, modularity and flexibility. Additional highlights for Linux include Fedora Core IV support, new and updated PowerTools that allow hosters and users to easily add the most popular applications on to their web sites, PHP5 support, and a decoupling of Ensim Pro from the operating system, which allows customers the flexibility to upgrade their operating system (OS) as needed.

Pro X for Windows delivers valuable new features such as support for ASP.NET 2.0, which allows for powerful and dynamic web content to be created. It also supports MySQL 5.0 and NAT environments.

“Ensim Pro is already famous for its security and stability, but with Fedora Core IV support and a comprehensive License Management interface, Ensim Pro X further increases its reputation as the most secure control panel,” said Paulo Lopes, Director of Operations at Affinity Internet, Inc. “Pro X also provides tremendous features for our customers, especially in the area of Control Panel branding and content management.”

“Ensim Pro X is raising the bar for control panels with extensive added functionality centered around usability, security and support for the most popular online technologies,” said Francois Depayras, director of marketing at Ensim. “This release represents a major step forward, allowing our customers to be on the bleeding edge of the web hosting industry through our extensibility tools while maintaining the security and stability that Ensim Pro is legendary for.”

Ensim Pro X includes improvements in the following categories:

Ensim Pro for Linux

  • Universal License Manager - easily manage, configure and track licenses for hosters, resellers and end users while eliminating piracy
  • Support for Fedora Core IV and OS independence – upgrade the operating system while maintaining existing customizations
  • Support for NAT environments, giving users additional security
  • New Graphical User Interface – loads 100% faster and highly customizable through pre-built tools
  • New PowerTools – including a new content creation and management tool based on Wiki Technology and offered exclusively through Ensim
  • PHP 5 support
  • Cent OS 4.3 support
  • Power tools API – allowing hosters and ISVs to easily add new applications to their offering

Ensim Pro for Windows

  • Universal License Manager – Manage hundreds of servers with a single master license key
  • Support for ASP.NET 2.0, allowing powerful, dynamic web applications to be easily built
  • MySQL 5.0 support
  • Support for NAT environments, giving users increased security
  • Updated add-ons for applications, such as messaging with integration with MailEnable and SmarterMail
  • Improved API for integration with a wide range of solutions, from billing application to email platform

Availability of Ensim Pro X Ensim Pro X will be available for purchase at Ensim’s online store or through the Ensim Active Reseller Network (EARN) by mid-June 2006. For more information about Ensim and Ensim Pro, please visit http://www.ensim.com/products/.

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