SharePoint Management

Ensim SharePoint Manager is a complete solution for automated provisioning, access management, information walling, and policy enforcement to enable enterprises and service providers to decrease operating costs and improve productivity while meeting security and compliance goals.  Ensim SharePoint Manager supports SharePoint servers installed in all three modes including; Standard, Foundation, and Enterprise, enabling service providers and enterprises to offer SharePoint as a dedicated on-premise or convenient cloud based service.  By eliminating manual steps in site and user provisioning and controlling user entitlements down to the level of individual SharePoint features, Ensim SharePoint Manager ensures that when sites are created by site administrators, business objectives and policy requirements are met throughout the site provisioning / de-provisioning and management processes.

Service Catalog / Ordering

  • Support for SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007 servers (Standard, Enterprise, or Foundation modes)
  • Configure quota templates for SharePoint Online customers
  • Manage SharePoint feature packs to enforce feature sets
  • Multi-tenant site collection and reporting
  • Manage web applications via the control panel

Web Portal / Control Panel

  • Intelligent selection of web applications per site collection
  • SharePoint template detection
  • Automated user and site provisioning
  • Assign and manage user roles and entitlements
  • Compliance policy enforcement

Product Modeling

  • User and group permission management
  • Enforce and Manage storage space per user per site
  • Live and downloadable summary, reseller and organization usage reports for offline viewing
  • Manage path based and host-named site collections in SharePoint 2013

Ensim Automation Suite enables complete automation including:

  • Cloud Marketplace and Storefront
  • Service Catalog with automated Ordering
  • Rating, Invoicing / Chargeback, Payment
  • Estimating and Quoting
  • Product modeling with Plan and Pricing management
  • Subscription, Contract, and Account Management
  • Automated Provisioning and Orchestration workflow
  • Usage collection and Reporting
  • Brandable Self-Service Multi-level Portals
  • Channel support for Resellers, Agents, and Wholesalers
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency
  • Web Service APIs and SDKs