Desktop as a Service Management

Ensim DaaS Manager (Desktop as a Service) is a fully automated, multi-tenant desktop and application virtualization solution, built on Microsoft technologies, that enables service providers and enterprises to offer hosted desktops and applications as cloud based services to their customers and users via an easy to use self-service role-based administration portal.  With support for Streaming, Session, and Virtual Desktops and powered by the Ensim Automation Suite, it is an end-to-end turn-key solution for marketplace, service catalog, provisioning, and chargeback / billing, with complete automation and orchestration.

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Based on Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012 R2 and Microsoft Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RDVH) 2012 R2

Dynamic VDI implementation using Ensim DaaS Manager and Microsoft RDVH 2012 allows provisioning dynamic pooled desktops based on a single master virtual desktop image. When a user requests a desktop, a VM from the pooled collection is dynamically combined with the user profile data and applications (run-time) and then delivered to the client device. This model greatly reduces the amount of resources and simplifies the overall VM management by reducing the number of VM images that need to be maintained. The number of VMs to be created in each tenant’s pooled collection and their individual granular quota resources are configurable through the Ensim DaaS Manager’s provision-time configuration settings.

Static VDI implementation using Ensim MS IaaS Manager dedicated virtual desktops to each user in an organization. Each virtual desktop is configured to operate within their own Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and is created based on a predefined Microsoft hyper-V template. This allows administrators to offer different flavors of static desktops as desired. Organization admins and end users can access and manage their virtual desktops (start, stop, make clones, backups and snapshots etc.)  from Ensim’s centralized self-service control panel.

Session Based Desktops

Based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2012 R2 and Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) 2012 R2

Ensim MS DaaS manager enables provisioning and managing non-persistent Session based hosted desktops. In this method, multiple users connect to the same shared hosted desktop and make session based connections to access the desktop and applications. Administrators can control access to applications through active directory group memberships. This method enables administrators to offer virtual desktops using a single shared server thereby using fewer resources than individual desktop instances.

Session Based Application hosting using Microsoft Remote App

Ensim DaaS Manager enables offering any applications as services by leveraging the Microsoft Remote App technology. Microsoft Remote App allows applications to run on a remote desktop session that appear as they are running locally on a client’s device. Ensim DaaS Manager automates configuration, set up, and provisioning Remote Apps to organizations. End users can then access the Remote apps right from their Ensim control panel through a web browser link or download the web feed URL to integrate with their client desktop.

Application Virtualization and Streaming using Microsoft App-V

Ensim DaaS Manager automates configuring application packages on the App-V servers, managing access to applications via active directory group memberships and integrating App-V clients in the user session based hosted desktops. This allows users to get access to local as well as virtualized application instances in the session based RDS.

Desktop and Application Access Methods

Ensim DaaS Manager allows accessing desktops and applications in any of the following ways:

Remote desktop clients
Desktop connection information for VDI and session based desktops is provided on the end user control panel of Ensim DaaS Manager. Users run remote desktop clients like RDC or MSTSC to remotely log into the hosted desktops.
Web browser based access
A Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access (RDWA) based web URL link is provided on the end user portal in the Ensim DaaS Manager, allowing end users to access their session based remote desktops or applications through a web browser.
Client Integration using Web Feed URL
Remote apps can also be integrated to the client devices by configuring the web feed URL available on the end user portal in the Ensim DaaS manager. Once set up applications can be launched without using a web browser.