Active Directory Sync

Active Directory (AD) Sync Manager enables one-way synchronization of AD user passwords and attributes from a Customer / Organization / Enterprise on-premises AD (remote) to the Service Providers Hosted AD (local) or other Enterprise. Based on your configuration in AD Sync Manager, the user account can be automatically inactive or disabled from control panel.

Using the Ensim AD Sync Manager, Organization or Enterprise administrator can choose the users selectively (i.e. include or exclude some users from synchronization). A default mapping scheme can then be applied, which maps remote AD objects to the Ensim Platform’s remote objects. However, Organization or Enterprise administrator can also perform the mapping manually. Mapping information shall include timestamp of the last synchronized object.

AD Sync General Features

  • Support for file data source other than Microsoft AD
  • Easy attribute selection
  • Pause synchronization
  • Recurrent attempts for synchronization
  • Admin can configure various service parameters

AD Sync Organization Features

  • Org Admin will be able to create and manage user(s)
  • View user(s)
  • Configure Active Directory Sync options
  • Configure User Active Directory Sync options
  • View Unmapped Objects
  • View Mapped Objects
  • Set Mapping Rules
  • Enforce Sync Frequency

Ensim Automation Suite enables complete automation including:

  • Service Catalog with Custom Price Books
  • Rating, Invoicing / Chargeback, Payment
  • Agent Estimating and Quoting
  • Product modeling with Plan and Pricing management
  • Subscription, Contract, and Account Management
  • Automated Provisioning and Orchestration workflow
  • Usage collection and Reporting
  • Brandable Self-Service Multi-level Portals
  • Channel support for Resellers, Agents, and Wholesalers
  • Multi-language and Multi-currency
  • Web Service APIs and SDKs