Ensim Password Manager for Active Directory

Ensim Password Manager for Active Directory enables IT to set and enforce robust password policies to meet security and compliance requirements and enables easy user self-service via a secure web portal.  Strong passwords are your first line of defense in protecting access to sensitive corporate applications and data.  Strict password policies are critical to any organizations security and compliance requirements and users should be required to change their passwords frequently.  Enforcing password rules and conventions is also critical to IT policy, however frequent changes and complex passwords lead to increased help desk calls as users forget their latest passwords.  Without self-service password change or reset capabilities, IT help desk can be inundated with request from users, making password enforcement expensive and time consuming.

Ensim Password Manager for AD - Features & Benefits


Enforce Strong Password Policies

Problem:  Strong passwords are the first line of defense in protecting access to sensitive corporate networks, applications and data.  Setting and enforcing strong password policies is a best practice, but can lead to increased help desk calls by users who don’t recall their complex passwords.  Alternately, users tend to write them on sticky notes or under their desks leaving corporate networks and systems in a potentially compromised state.

Solution:  Ensim Password Manager provides an intuitive and easy to use self-service portal for users to reset forgotten passwords or unlock their accounts by correctly answering a set of previously configured challenge/response questions and answers.  IT can now set and enforce strong password policies without inconveniencing the employee or over burdening the help desk.  IT security can enforce up to eight challenge response questions from which the employee must correctly answer a minimum number of questions that have been randomly selected and IT can configure lockout duration based on the number of incorrectly answered questions to further improve security.

Improve Security with  Frequent Policy Based Password Changes

Problem:  Ensuring corporate security by protecting corporate data assets from intruders is the first priority of any IT security department.  IT would like to enforce stricter password policies and more frequent password changes, but this can result in decreased employee productivity when they are required to change their passwords frequently and can’t remember the new passwords.  This results in numerous help desk calls and potentially long wait times to get passwords resets which can decrease productivity and cause employee frustration.

Solution:  When employees are asked to reset their passwords, they can conveniently log into the Ensim’s web portal, answer their challenge response questions and reset their passwords.  When IT decides to enforce password changes, employees can go to the same familiar easy to use web portal, answer their challenge response questions, and reset their passwords conforming to the new password policy.

Sample Screen Shots

Distribution Group Management

IT Defined Policies - ?The Ensim Password Manager portal provides a number of administrative options when configuring the user self-service password reset functionality.  Administrators can configure various policy items such as the number of; password hint questions required during registration, random questions asked before resetting the password, and reset attempts, as well as lockout duration.

Employee Dashboard

Advanced Security - ?The user self-service password reset screen can be configured to require users to correctly answer their security questions before resetting their passwords or unlocking accounts.  As an additional security layer, users must correctly enter the CAPTCHA phrase authenticating user validity and blocking bots or scripts.

Employee Quick-Start Dashboard

Self-Service Portal - ?Users with delegated rights can use the self-service portal to manage their user profile, update their password hint questions, reset their password, and perform a variety of other tasks as authorized by the IT Administrator.

Self-Service Password Reset and Account Unlock with Winlogon Integration

Ensim Password Manager allows employees to setup their initial self-service profile by configuring their challenge/response questions via the intuitive and secure web portal.  Once these challenge response/questions have been saved, the profile is complete and the employee can now log into the portal anytime in the future to manage their account, change their passwords or update their challenge response questions.  Should the employeeforget their password or accidentally lock their account, they can connect to the same portal, correctly answer their challenge/response questions and reset their passwords.  As an additional layer of security Ensim has also incorporated the CAPTCHA phrase technology to prevent any automated bots from accessing this portal and resetting passwords.  For those users who would like to reset their passwords from the convenience of their desktops or laptops, Ensim offers Winlogon or GINA extensions to allow users to Press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys and initiate a password reset or account unlock.

Audit and Compliance Tracking and Reporting

While providing a self-service web portal for users to reset their passwords or unlock their accounts increases user productivity and decreases help desk calls, it is also critical to log and audit every action during eachsession including user self-service or administrator made password changes, account unlocks, and account updates such as a user updating their challenge/response questions.  Ensim Password Manager securely stores all logs in your organization’s pre-existing SQL database thereby providing a complete audit trail with important information such as; who made the change, when the change was made, and details of each change or action.

Eliminate Help Desk Calls and Dramatically Reduce IT Costs

IT security is challenged to implement secure policies and strict guideline to protect corporate assets and data while increasing employee productivity and minimizing help desk cost.  Upwards of 35% of help desk time can be spent responding to end user password reset or account lock out calls, and with each call taking up to 15 minutes, employee productivity can be seriously impacted.  By implementing Ensim Password Manager, with user self-service and IT password policy automation, organizations can see an immediate reduction in the number of help desk calls while increasing employee productivity and employee satisfaction.

Quick and Easy Installation

Ensim Password Manager can be installed and configured in under and hour without requiring professional services.  Companies can gain an immediate ROI and virtually eliminate password related help desk calls as well as meet security and compliance requirements.  The Ensim Password Manager Quick Start guide assists the administrator in configuring the required parameters and the portal embedded help files as well as detailed context relational on-line help files, guide administrators along the way with best practices.

Our customers say it best; “Ensim Automation Suite significantly reduced the time required for user provisioning – before Ensim, we spent three hours per day resetting passwords, now we spend less than 30 minutes. Users now manage their own accounts based on standard IT policy, improving response time while giving IT a complete audit trail. It’s a great addition to our environment. We can handle employee growth without adding new IT staff.”

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