Ensim Service Connectors - SDK

Ensim Service Connectors SDK allows you to create and deploy new application, service, and infrastructure connectors quickly and easily. Connectors are a ready-to-deploy software module that integrate the management of a targets capabilities with the platform fucntionality of the Ensim Automation Suite to enable automated provisioning and granular operations management and control. This allows a single platform and user experience across an unlimited number of connectors.


Ensim Unify Service Manager


Features & Benefits:

  • Easily integrate any applications, services, of infrastructure component
  • Differentiate offerings with custom services, extensions, and bundles
  • Increase return-on-investment by utilizing the same platform for all current and future offerings
  • Dramatically improve time-to-launch by re-using common components
  • Improve customer loyalty by offering a similar high-quality experience throughout each service delivered
  • Simplify the usability with a common user interface across a wide variety of applications
  • Decrease help desk calls and operations management with complete granular automation


The Ensim Service Connectors SDK uses industry standard web service APIs like REST or SOAP.  All Ensim platform capabilities from Marketplace and Storefront, Catalog and Billing, to Provisioning and Management, are easily leveraged to enable end-to-end organization and user on-boarding, operations, and management automation and orchestration, and control of any target software, service, hardware, application, or infrastructure system via its natively exposed API.  For Microsoft / AD based applications, standard ASP.NET, C++ and Visual Studio tools can be used and for Java or Unix/Linux based applications or cloud services, standard Java development environments can be used such as Spring Source, Grails (Groovy), Hibernate, and jQuery.

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